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How we work

Install Process Conservatory Roof Insulation



Initial Quotation Given

You will receive a firm quotation via email based the information, dimensions and images you have supplied after your initial enquiry

conservatory roof insulation survey nationwide comfy conservatories


Install Day Initial Survey

On the day of initial installation I will take accurate measurements identify there are no structural defects or possible problems for example leakage
conservatory roof insulation preparing to fit yorkshire


Conservatory area pre fit prep

My team can help clear your conservatory of any furniture, cover the area in sheets and seal the work area off from the rest of your home, to ensure the room is dry.

tinting glass roof conservatory roof insulation leeds

Roof Tinting

For Glass Roofs Only

On Glass Conservatory Roofs I Tint the roof as part of the installation to reduce glare also to give an attractive external view with a superior finish
conservatory roof insulation affixing battens


Battens & Cables

We affix the battens to secure the roof and install cabling if required for lighting. Other cosmetic features can be incorporated at this point if requested* please ask us.

conservatory roof insulation fitting the insulation nationwide

Insulation FIT

Fitting the thermal Insulation

The multi layered conservatory roof insulation is affixed to the battens and follows the existing contours of your roof. Once the insulation layer is fixed, it is cross-battened again to hold it in place and provide a framework for the plasterboard or UPVC Clad finish.

Fitting Ceiling

Fiiting the UPVC or Plasterboard

We expertly fit the plasterboard to the ceiling ready for the final installation or attach the uPVC Panels – depending on the fit

Skim & Finish

For Plastered Installs Only

For a plaster finish -the final stage in our process is to skim and finish the ceiling

Finishing up

Tidy Up & Complete

We completely clean the conservatory and replace heavy furniture and blinds that may have been removed.
Will there be any changes to the exterior of my conservatory?
No, we don’t need to do anything to the exterior structure and the existing glass or polycarbonate roof will remain in place.
Will we lose any headroom in the conservatory?
Virtually none. We carefully follow the contours of your conservatory roof and the insulation itself is very thin.
Will it change the look from the outside of the conservatory?
No. Where necessary, semi-opaque film is applied to a glass roof, but this is rarely necessary on a polycarbonate roof.
Do I need planning permission?
As the exterior of the conservatory is not being changed, planning permission is not required
Is this a messy job? Will you disrupt my house?

We have skilled teams of fitters and plasterers who will completely sheet and protect the work area. Then they seal the work area from the rest of your home. At completion, they leave your conservatory clean and tidy and remove all waste materials.

How long will it take to install the conservatory roof insulation?
Installations are usually completed within 1-2 days, but very large conservatories may take longer. We advise you of the actual time requirement prior to placing your order.
Will we lose any light once it is fitted?
Covering a clear roof will of course reduce the amount of light entering the room, but since the walls are virtually all glass, there will still be more than ample light. More importantly, the unpleasant glare factor will be eradicated. With a polycarbonate roof, the difference will be even less noticeable and in the evenings, it will actually be lighter once painted white.
Will the shape of my conservatory roof change?
As stated above, very little will change. We always carefully follow the contours of your existing conservatory roof.
Will the installation cause condensation?
No. As part of the installation we install ventilation gaps above the insulation. The insulation barrier is then closed, eliminating condensation rather than causing it.
Do you fit anywhere in the UK?

Yes of course. We are based in Leeds but cover the whole of the UK 

 We Fit Nationwide –  In a Single Day!

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